According To Astrology, When Will I Be Married?


Yes, this is correct! When it comes to an individual’s life, Marriage is among the essential parts. A person’s imagination is filled with high hopes and anticipation for this event. To learn whether an astrologer can foretell your Marriage, continue reading!

Will You get Married or Not

Lagna is the first house of 12 houses of both a horoscope, and the 7th house is that of a person’s Marriage. The first house of the horoscope is Shiva, and the seventh house is Shakti.

As a symbol of the intellect, the Moon is an ideal buy. The feminine force comes from Venus. A man and a woman are bound together by the power of Jupiter’s graces when they wed. After Marriage, Saturn acts as a restraint, ensuring that spouses remain in a strictly controlled relationship. To guarantee a long-lasting marriage, it teaches the virtue of loyalty.

So if Mars, Venus, the 7th Lord, and the Lagna Lord are all in a great position sans affliction, then Marriage is a certainty in your horoscope. It’s possible that if these stars are weak or afflicted by a malefic planet, it might keep you from getting married.

Marriage Denial is more likely if you have more than 1 backward planet in your natal charts, such as Mars or Venus. Both Mars and Venus are masculine energies. If a planet is retrograde, it means that it will be working oppositely. Your Marriage will be in jeopardy while these planets are retrograde in your chart.

With Ketu conjunct the Lagna and the 7th sector of Navamsa in Ketu’s sign, you’ll have a lot of difficulties with your Marriage off the ground. Frustration will set in. There will be a steady stream of proposals, but they will eventually fall through. You will be discouraged, and you could even contemplate not getting married.

Using Astrology To Determine The Age At Which A Couple Will Wed

Birth charts may be used to forecast a person’s age and time for Marriage by analysing their date of birth, birth time, and any other pertinent information about their birth.

You’ll get married young if your seventh house horoscope has more favourable planet placements. For some, this may occur as early as age 16.

The relationship will be settled at an early age, but only after two years if there is a brilliant planet next to Saturn in the 7th house. Yes, I think it’s fascinating. It’s incredible how precisely astrology can foretell a person’s future occurrences.

Predicting A Future Marriage Based On One’s Date Of Birth

The date and type of a marriage may be accurately predicted using marital astrology. It’s the simplest and most natural method to get rid of your fears and anxieties about Marriage and work toward a happy marriage. If you submit accurate birth information to an astrologer or an internet marriage calculator, marriage forecasts’ accuracy may improve.

A skilled astrologer or marriage calculator may use your precise date of birth, time, and location to build your correct Marriage Horoscope and assess the planetary placements for your Marriage. As a result, if you want accurate marital life forecasts, you should always offer precise birth information.

How To Determine The Age At Which A Couple Is Eligible To Marry

  • Let us look at how your chart might help you figure out your marriage age. Your Kundali predicts the age at which you will tie the knot.
  • Marriage may occur between the ages of 24 and 27 for girls and 27 to 30 for boys if the Moon and Venus are in signs such as Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Sagittarius. According to astrology, a 7th house and 7th Lord in these houses means you’ll get married at the appropriate age.
  • If Saturn rules the 7th house in your D1 or D9 chart, you’ll marry by age 28. Delays in Marriage are caused by the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon. If Venus is square or associated with Saturn in the D1 and D9 charts, you will get married after 30.
  • For girls, Marriage may occur between 25/26 degrees of Mars and within 27/28 degrees of Venus if no other planets such as Saturn or Ketu are interfering.


It is essential to keep in mind the chart or Kundli, and the seven house plays an integral part in determining the length of the marriage delay, whether it is filled by the Sun or Saturn.

You may use a few factors to help you choose the best time or age for Marriage. Then be ready for a long, healthy, and profitable marriage!