Asian American Admits To Elite Universities


Yearly, anxious students who are about to enter universities anxiously await decision letters from elite universities. Many have poured a significant amount of time working on their essays, maintaining excellent GPA, and reviewing various standardized tests.

Many students put extra effort into doing so as they knowthe Harvard acceptance rate and other selective colleges have increased in recent years.It is particularly true for Asian Americans who face the highest standard for admission given the discrimination against the minority group and cutthroat competition.

In most Asian countries, there is a high value placed on education. A positive aspect of this approach to education is the expectation that students who work hard to study will eventually succeed in life.As such, it is no surprise that Asian pupils tend to perform at a high level in a classroom with many scored top marks in a rigorous courseload of AP exams, PSATs, and SATs.

However, not all Asian Americans with stellar academic records are admitted to elite universities.In truth, there are only a limited number of seats for Asian Americans at elite universities that comprises between 20 to 25% of the student body despite having an excellent record in terms of GPA and SAT scores compared to any other ethnic group.

Highly selective universities reject Asian American students as they face discrimination and scrutiny and are more recently penalized as “personality score”, as dubbed by Harvard. Asian Americans applying to elite universities should expect that the bar will be notably higher. It would mean performing at a higher standard inside and outside the classroom.

Aside the need to score highly on their SAT and perform well in schoolwork, they must also get national recognition in math and science Olympiads, science fairs, writing competitions, speech and debate, and even exhibit leadership through their extracurricular activities.

To learn more about Asian Americans admits to elite universities and Stanford acceptance rate, read this infographic from AdmissionSight.