Five must-dos in the first two weeks of your mentorship

  • Mentoring organizations have become extremely popular these days, and companies are looking for well-reputed mentoring brands to help them with their business growth and development.
  • The competition to be the best is challenging, and companies are pushing their daily limits to accomplish the position. It is essential to sustain in the market even though the competition is too harsh, and in order to survive the battle, you must understand a few things that must be paid attention to.
  • The starting phase for any business is very critical; when a mentoring platform is considered, it is supposed to have a basic foundation and pre-planned structure and actions that are to be implemented from the initial days.
  • Mentoring businesses is all about creating relationships and building connections to develop the personal and professional growth of the participants as well as the organizations and their leaders.
  • Thus, the first two weeks are very significant for any mentoring platform to blossom and bloom.
  • If you are willing to know about these specific steps, you must continue to read the article. It will prove to be helpful guidance and assistance in the journey to your successful mentoring business.

Let us look at the five steps you must follow in the first two weeks of the mentoring business that will provide you with success and prosperity and will give you a lead from other mentoring platforms.

Generate a welcome page

  • You can make your program enjoyable by using a welcome page for the employees and participants of your organization.
  • Through welcome pages, there is an opportunity for you to communicate with your company members and participants.
  • It is one of the best strategies to get familiarized with the people you are sharing in your workplace. It also acts as a great way to understand the audience and learn from the feedback received by the people.
  • When a welcome message is installed, the participants appreciate your commitment to your work, organization, and people. It shows the level of preparedness an organization serves and how serious they are with their work.
  • You can make extra efforts in building a welcome message for your staff, make sure it is personal, and motivate people to look after you as an inspiration and divert the same efforts as you while performing their respective duties.
  • Make sure it is simple to understand and empathize with the new workers so they can directly contact you if there is any issue in the organization.

Keeping Track of your participants

  • The first two weeks contain a lot of work for a mentoring business; among the various chores, tagging and filtering your participants is very important for your organization.
  • It proves efficient when you tag them and track their work in the mentoring program’s initial phase.
  • Tracking their performance in the first two weeks can help you understand how your participants will be working in the future as it gives a brief idea about them these days.
  • While communicating, you can use these filter and tag options to keep the messages sorted and adequately track the people and their tasks, locations, assignments, roles, responsibilities, etc.

Follow up on your sign-ups

  • It would help if you kept the sign-ups in your mind every time with all the duties you are responsible for achieving.
  • Checking up the sign-ups regularly can help you notice the people who must have forgotten to complete their profiling.
  • Remind them and look for people searching for your organizations but are stuck halfway through.
  • Help them if individuals are stuck while filing their profiles to ensure that proper sign-in is made and more people are connected.
  • Don’t instruct them hard and disturb them with multiple reminders; try to encourage them to file their profiles in a smooth process, for example, explaining the benefits of joining the program or asking out if they need any help or assistance during the process.

Be Prepared and Read all the Recommendations

  • In the program’s initial two weeks, you must prepare for various tasks coming on the way.
  • Start by completing your reading recommendations, as it is crucial to keep yourself informed before providing guidance and suggestions to others.
  • You must read all of it prior to giving better assistance and guidance to other participants.
  • You must read about how to approach your partner in the first mentor-mentee session, learn about creating a positive environment in your mentoring relations, and the best way to reach your goals by making small steps.
  • You must be very well aware of these topics in a mentoring platform.

Modify your Software Program

  • Mentoring platforms must pay attention to their program and add details, logos, design, and different attributes it must possess to make the whole process easier and convenient for the individuals using it.
  • When you customize your software program, it promotes engagement among the users through various tools available.
  • When you modify your program, it can make the participants feel easy and homelike. It makes the employees familiar with your schedule.

These are a few key points to remember and work upon in the initial phase of your mentoring programs.