How PSLE Math Tuition Can Help Your Child Get Into A Top School


Parents who want their child to achieve the best results possible for PSLE can seek PSLE-level maths tuition if they suspect that there is some room for improvement. A great deal of the mathematics taught at school does not go beyond GCSE level and this means that additional help can provide significant benefits

Studies show that good grades in maths are crucial when it comes to getting into a top university. The Higher Education Statistics Authority shows an increase in numbers of students applying to study courses like engineering, economics and medicine; these subjects require higher grades than more generalist courses. Indeed, only two per cent of applicants with three Bs were accepted by Oxford University whereas 40 per cent of those with straight As applied and were successful.

The Association of School and College Leaders(ASCL) believes that the curriculum places too much emphasis on rote learning and this leaves pupils feeling bored and under-challenged. This lack of stimulation does not lead to a desire to do well in exams and can leave students struggling with basic arithmetic.

A maths tutor can help you child get beyond this stage by identifying what needs extra focus before starting lessons each week

Different students will have different ways of working out equations, algorithms and formulae; all of which is important in order for them to understand how mathematics works and why they must follow particular procedures. By getting into good habits from an early age, children may find that future university courses are less challenging if they feel more confident about their subject area.

In some cases, a lack of confidence in mathematics can be related to the way in which lessons are taught. If pupils feel nervous about approaching their teacher with questions, this will affect their ability to solve problems because they are too afraid or embarrassed to participate. A tutor will help by encouraging your child to ask questions and make mistakes. Children can learn when they know that there is no right answer

A maths tutor will also encourage students to look at different ways in which maths concepts can be applied outside of the school environment. By tackling word problems, children become more aware of how equations are used in real life situations; this gives them greater motivation to find solutions and excel within lessons.

Another reason why children may struggle is because they have not yet developed skills inproblem solving. A maths tutor can help children to overcome hurdles by thinking logically and avoiding common mistakes; this approach will emphasise the importance of research rather than leaving students feeling confused.

Maths tuition can also benefit children who are having trouble with mental arithmetic or long division

All pupils may find that they need extra support when it comes to these areas but gifted mathematicians may not realise their potential if they do not receive further challenges outside of class time. Furthermore, parents may feel that their child is struggling more than they should be if teachers try to build on concepts already covered in lessons

A maths tutor is able to design courses for each pupil so that each lesson builds on what has come before and prepares them for future lessons, so look for one at The Science Academy; this ensures their continued success in their education journey!