Other Vs. Another: How To Use Them Accurately?


A lot of students around the world wonder “how to use other and another” (การ ใช้ other และ another, which is the term in Thai) in simple sentences. Other and Another are the two most frequently misunderstood words. Most people think both have similar meanings and can be used in place of another. But that isn’t true, because both have different meanings and are used in different scenarios.

Other And Another: What Are They?

Both ‘another’ and ‘other’ fall categorized under indefinite pronouns. Neither of the words points out any person or any object directly. The two words are often juxtaposed, owing to the similarity they share in their definition. However, they are different in the sense that another refers to either an additional individual or something different than what you possess.

On the flip side, other might refer to more or extra objects or persons, besides the one that is already mentioned. Here are two sentences for your better understanding:

  • Are you interested in having another candy? Or would you rather prefer something else other than this?
  • I think we must try out another cafeteria, to give a scope to others as well.

In the first sentence, another means ‘more’, however other implies different. In the second example, another implies some other cafeteria, apart from the one you usually visit, whereas the other refers to rest or new over here.

Differences Between Other And Another


: Another refers either to something else or someone else. It means the other one which can either be different or the same.

Other: Other refers to either something or someone who isn’t the same as the previously mentioned person or isn’t known.


Another: Although another is used along with a singular noun. It can sometimes also be used with plural nouns.

Other; other is always used with a plural noun.

Part of Speech:

Another: Another is both pronoun and determiner.

Other: Other is an adjective, pronoun and determiner as well.

Understanding ‘Another’

The word ‘another’ refers to an additional person or an object of either a similar type or even a different one, which is already mentioned or known beforehand. We use ‘another’ when we are mentioning non-specific singular countable nouns, since ‘that’ is used with countable specific nouns. Additionally, ‘another can also be used with a plural noun, given that the noun should be placed either after a quantity or a number.

Understanding ‘Other’

‘other’ refers to a thing or a person besides the one that is already known or mentioned. Other might also mean the second one of either two people or objects. At times, ‘other’ also means the remaining thing or item in a group or set.

Hopefully, you have now learned how to use other and another. Once you have understood their definition and differences, it wouldn’t be hard to use them in sentences.