The Value Of Sending Your Boy To A Private School Kindergarten in Canada


The most important time for young students to develop a strong love of learning and to encourage their intrinsic curiosity is during the first few years of instruction and preparation in private school kindergartens in Canada and preschool settings. Too frequently, schools emphasize memorization and drill the alphabet at ages when young minds cannot retain it, only to be taught again at higher grades. And by doing this, schools frequently stifle young children’s natural curiosity rather than encouraging this essential quality of a lifelong learner. Getting young toddlers to explore their world is not difficult. Children learn about the world on their own terms and fully integrate elements of academic learning linked to problem-solving, numeracy, and literacy when foundational skills required for growth are combined with their natural curiosity and inquiry. Unfortunately, we overlook the most crucial learning tool far too frequently in our effort to steer pupils toward academic learning—their intrinsic sense of wonder, thirst for knowledge, and curiosity!

The Benefits Of Kindergarten In Private Schools

Research and personal experience have shown us that children are best prepared when their developmental readiness—or what they can learn at each age—is respected and fully taken into account at each stage of learning. This entails considering the kids’ interests and incorporating opportunities for social-emotional development, academic learning, including literacy and numeracy, and problem-solving abilities into their daily activities. We also know that encouraging pupils’ curiosity at home helps them prepare for their next education stage. Children can explore their worlds and adjust to school and educational learning much more readily in families that actively engage in questioning, share in the joy of discovery, read aloud to their children frequently, involve them in family planning activities like grocery lists, and limit screen time. As a result, children 3 years old and entering prekindergarten have better body awareness, are potty trained and can eat and drink independently. As their children transition into Junior Kindergarten (4 years), where interaction continues to drive learning, and more sophisticated ideas flourish, families that encourage this independence at home see greater success. This aids in preparing pupils for Senior Kindergarten (5 years) and Grade 1 (6 years), when they are fully ready to take on more challenging academic concepts in the areas of language, reading, mathematics, the sciences, and interpersonal relationships.

Parental Participation

Private school kindergartens place a high value on including parents in the community and are designed to foster open contact between parents and the administration. Families become essential to their child’s education through frequent parent-teacher conferences, social gatherings like parent breakfasts and family camping weekends, and parent committee engagement in fundraising campaigns. This area of the agreement also improves the bond between parents and children.

A Lot Of Resources

Private schools have fantastic tools to help students learn in the classroom, on the sports field, in the art studio, and elsewhere. In addition, students have the chance to fully explore their interests and abilities thanks to quality resources and extracurricular activities.

The Beginning Of A Linbrook Boy’s Schooling in Kindergarten

To ensure a good day’s start, our two kindergarten teachers and our educational assistant start each day with tried-and-true rituals.

The kindergarten classroom is always buzzing with activity. The program is designed to emphasize mobility. By the end of Senior Kindergarten, our teachers’ interactive lessons will have helped the boys develop into proficient readers. Since the boys can build boats and beaver dams and learn about the water and soil cycles by planting beans, science is a favourite subject. In addition, we provide a separate play space for our youngest students to keep kids safe and entertained during breaks.

Additionally, they get many chances to participate in the overall school culture. For instance, our kindergarten children worked with the other grades to construct a model city last year. Additionally, initiatives like Linbrook Buddies link every child with an older student to develop reading skills, expose them to worthwhile activities, and help them form new relationships.

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