Why is Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology Book the Best Choice for MBBS Students?


Systemic Microbiology is the new approach towards the subject that has been introduced under the CBME Curriculum. It has eased the process of learning for students, however, it is very important to focus on the subject with the aim to get conceptual clarity. There are numerous publications on Microbiology, making it difficult for students to choose the best book. Several factors contribute to the effectiveness of a Microbiology book- the kind of illustrations that are given, whether the language is concise and easy to understand or not, if the sample questions have answers with explanations, whether there are the latest case studies or not, etc. Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Essentials of Medical Microbiology book is the best among the available publications, due to the below-mentioned reasons.

  1. Quality of images – Microbiology is a subject that deals with the study of microorganisms and their interaction with cells and tissues. Without impeccable accuracy, illustrations in high definition, and stock photos, it becomes difficult for students to get complete clarity on concepts, as well as visualize things and synthesize topics to get clarity of the bigger picture. Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology book contains all of these.
  2. Precise content– Quality of content plays an important role in learning. Separate chapters on important topics, readability, conciseness, and information in detail wherever needed are the USPs of Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology book. The superior content of this book is presented strategically, helping a student understand the theories better. Since the information is given point-wise, it makes learning, revising, and remembering easier on part of students.
  3. Updated content– Medical science is continuously evolving. Case studies, medicines, treatment procedures, and diagnostic guidelines are getting updated frequently. Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology book for undergrads is updated with the latest contents including the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, the vaccine schedule for influenza epidemics has been included.

Besides Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology book, students can also access his online course which includes his comprehensive video lectures, lecture notes, MCQs, and more. His Microbiology lectures comply with the latest medical curriculum and his textbook – ‘Essentials of Medical Microbiology’.


Q1. What are the sub-specialties of Microbiology?

Ans- Bacteriology (the study of bacteria), mycology (the study of fungi), phycology (the study of algae), parasitology (the study of parasites), and virology are some of the sub-disciplines that make up the field of microbiology (the study of viruses, and how they function inside cells).

Q2. Is the content of Dr. Apurba Sastry’s Microbiology book available in video format also?

Ans- Yes, This online Microbiology course designed by Dr. Apurba Sastry, author of the best-seller ‘Essentials of Medical Microbiology’.

Q3. Which book is easy for Microbiology in MBBS?

Ans- ‘Essentials of Medical Microbiology’ is preferred by most medical students due to the numerous illustrations and the system-wise distribution of information.