Encouraging Your Child’s Educational Success 


When it comes to your child’s education, it can be tricky to figure out what exactly a child needs to grow in an ideal environment. Most parents are in search of techniques where they can allow their children to be raised in a place where they are not pressured into things ahead of their time – which is surprisingly hard to find. 

There are many institutions around the world who treat educational systems as a business. Instead of allowing children to nurture in the most natural way, they treat them as products where no defects are allowed. Fortunately, a parent’s role is crucial when it comes to their child’s primary growth. Which is why we have consulted the best experts for advice – a prime example being Jill Bittinger. 

As an American multicultural arts educator and Montessori lead, Jill Bittinger serves as the Founder of Transformed Education. 

After she had completed her Master’s, she started her professional career in New York as a Multicultural Teaching and Performing Artist for ten years. And it was after that she moved to Arizona where she decided to pursue a career in early childhood and elementary education. She was inspired by Maria Montessori’s work, and decided to walk in the same path – becoming certified in the model of whole child education. As a result, she search as a Lead Montessori Teacher for ten years and continues to teach children to this day. 

Bittinger has always remained an activated agent of change to empower whole child modalities that also consider the whole educator – the spirit, emotions, mind, and body. Over the years of her professional career, she has authored two books called “Peace Education: Our Time is Now” and “Teaching with the Soul in Mind: Connecting Content, Community, and the Creative Spirit.” 

As a professional in her field, she has come across many parents who have been concerned about their skills at providing their children with an ideal educational environment. Hence, here are a few things we have learned from her and will be sharing with you to serve as a guide for you. 

Attending All Parent-Teacher Conferences 

Most kids tend to do better when their parents make an active effort in being involved in their children’s academic lives. Attending parent-teacher conferences is a great way for parents to know who is teaching their kids and what kind of education they are being given. Additionally, it keeps you informed on your child’s progress and if the child has certain needs that must be met, you can schedule meetings with the teachers to revise educational plans. 

Teaching Organizational Skills 

Organization helps children stay more focused instead of getting sidetracked and hunting for things. Being organized at an entry level means having a homework folder or an assignment book where you can keep track of projects and homework. You can also provide additional tools for better organization such as calendars, stationary, and a desk where all their supplies are in one place. 

Make the Time to Talk About School 

Another way to stay involved in your kids’ life is to talk to them about school. Kids usually find it easy to talk about school, what goes on in their class, and the things they learn. Talking to your child will show them how important it is for you to know what happens in their life and once kids know you are interested in their work at school, they are more likely to work harder and take school seriously. Ensure that your communication is two-way and that you are not ordering them around – allow your child to express their thoughts and understanding so that they know you are here to support them no matter what.