Top Signs You Need to Notice About an Active Shooter


You might have heard about many cases of active shooter and violence in work and public places. However, in the first instance, active shooters look normal, and you might not recognize them, but with some of the symptoms, you can find them easily. Furthermore, there are many online active shooter training programs designed to deal with them.

In this article, we have listed the top signs of an active shooter that will help you identify them. Scroll down and get the following!

Antisocial behavior

People with antisocial tendencies find it difficult to get along with others. The warning flags can include anything from a lack of interest in mingling with coworkers to outright harassment. An antisocial person may occasionally distance themselves from her coworkers. In other situations, a person might say offensive things, insult those in positions of power, or even go beyond the bounds of proper conduct. This type of personality has a habit of disturbing other people and fostering an uneasy atmosphere no matter how they express their antisocial impulses. They consistently display disdain for the safety or feelings of people around them.

Insane behavior

It’s one of the common signs that you might easily find in an active shooter. Most active shooters have severe cases of paranoia. They could have an illogical fear that people are out to get them, akin to a persecution complex. They appear to believe that everyone is out to get them, whether it be their life partners, their coworkers, their bosses, or even the government. They are innately distrustful and constantly vigilant because they believe there is a conspiracy to undermine or even destroy them, no matter how large or tiny. They are typically paranoid and frequently assert that they have been treated unfairly. It’s a big red flag warning that you should pay extra attention.

Violent ideas

It is impossible to see inside a person’s head and know what they are thinking. Even then, it would be incredibly unethical. Usually, their mind is full of violent ideas. Thus, if you find any hint that a person has violent ideas from their comments or actions they take, it’s a warning sign. Furthermore, if someone hears about a mass shooting in the news and rejoices rather than expresses sorrow, if they joke about shooting other people, or if they casually mention blowing people’s heads off, they are providing you a crucial window into their thoughts. Never ignore these kinds of signs, as these are the frequent signs found in active shooters.

Dreadful habits

Along with strange behavior, an active shooter also has a range of bad habits because of emotional turmoil. Keep an eye out for people who neglect their personal hygiene, are untidy, have weird ailments, or arrive at the office late. There may also be issues with substance misuse and drug addiction. This warning signal should be interpreted in light of the other ones just like the others.

The Bottom Line

Active shooters are a dangerous element of human society, and by recognizing the warning signs, you can easily find them. With the help of an online active shooter response course, you can learn how to deal with an emergency active shooter situation. If you are looking for a training course, you can join Defender School LLC by visiting their website.