A Comprehensive Guide for Church Security


Churches are holy places to pray and find peace. There was a time when the church was open for all every time, and there were no scheduled hours to pray. But with time, it has changed because of several shootings and terrorist incidents inside the church. Increasing violent acts inside the church raise the demand of the church security team and have brought attention to the church’s security.

It’s high time to strengthen the church’s security, and there are plenty of reasons to improve the church’s security. In this guide, we have covered various aspects related to church security. Scroll down and find the following!

Why do churches need a security plan?

Massive shooting attacks are not the only danger for churches. There are many other threats and dangers for people visiting or praying in churches, such as health emergencies, robbery, fire, accidents, natural disasters, and so on. The mission of the church is establishing peace and sending God’s message to the folk, and if it’s not safe and secure, then it’s completely a failure not only for the church team but for the whole of humankind. Therefore, every church should have a security team and a plan to deal with the emergency.

The purpose of church security is to protect individuals and provide physical and spiritual protection. Therefore, every church should make a security team involving the church members, especially those with military, administrative and official backgrounds.

Types of church security

It’s imperative to strengthen church security, and a range of tactics are helpful in planning church security. The following types of church security are mentioned below:

  • Patrolling of staff

It’s one of the best ways to reinforce church security. If the church members have enough helping hands, they can patrol on Sundays, during classes, events, and more. In this type of security, church members volunteer for every entry and exit of the church. In addition, they patrol the parking area and the premises of the church.

  • Two-way radios

Two-way radios allow church staff/volunteers to contact each other in emergencies. In recent times, most individuals have smartphones, but it’s not reliable; hence, it’s important to use two-way radios to get in touch with the other church security team members.

  • Video surveillance

It’s an acceptable approach to boost church security. However, installing CCTV cameras might be expensive for many churches, but with a proper procedure, you can install advanced cameras and install them in the most required places. You can install CCTV cameras in the entry and exit area or on the main premises of the church.

  • Alarm system

The alarm system includes various parts such as a control panel, a keypad to arm the system sirens, and a motion, smoke, or heat detector. It’s essential to find the right alarm system for the church, depending upon the needs and area of the church. It gives you a sign or alarm whenever danger arises.

Final Thought

The security of the church matters a lot, not only for the church members but also for the commons. There are many ideal ways to improve church security, and introducing church security training courses to the church staff is also an effective approach. You can join training institutions like Bearco Training to get the guidance of experts in dealing with emergencies. You can know more by visiting their website Bearcotraining.com.